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Est. 2020

Among many other businesses, Pandora Digital Agency was founded during the Covid-19 lockdown in Pretoria, South Africa. In an already saturated market, we set out to highlight why we were different. We’re not a big company or a corporation. We’re a one-man team with the help of a few friends who care about the future of the digital space and marketing, as well the people who use it.

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Web-design, and marketing in general can be confusing for many people, particularly older generations. I have met so many people who have been burned over my time working and studying in this industry.

And this isn’t because they opted for the cheapest service on the block, this is because their lack of understanding of the digital and marketing space was abused.

Being honest with our customers is core to our business. If you have a question, we will give you the answer.


Search up the reviews for any other marketing agency. A lot of them complain about how they were abandoned after the money was transfered. And in some cases, before even.

Pandora is more than a one-night-stand. We want to cultivate and grow our relationship with our clients. When it comes to content creation for example, we will literally learn your industry to ensure your content is at the top of its game.

We create personalized videos detailing how to set up your email accounts and are available at any time to assist.

By Freepik via Flaticon
By Freepik via Flaticon


Like we said, not all people who deal with agencies get taken for a run. Sometimes they pay for a service, get their product and that’s that.

But, this is where the lack of understanding in the marketing space reappears. A business owner will pay normal price for a website for example, but the quality is not up to the industry standard.

We promise you that whether you’re buying a website, looking for content or branding your clothing that it will be up to your standard