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The regret of not doing something is worse than the rejection of trying.

– Tristan Dahl (Founder)

Consider your brand covered


I am a self taught WordPress developer that found my love for expressing design through websites when I created a site for my own small business.

The process of crafting, planning and executing such an essential aspect of a business was so beautiful that I pursued it further.

When you work with me you get diligence, honesty and attention to detail. As a business owner myself, I understand how important the image of your brand is, let me help you show that to the world.

MaPa Website Showcase

Content Creation

Design is in everything we do. From the buildings we sit in to the adverts we consume, design is an integral part of society and the human condition. Content is the key to generating leads and maintaining relationships with your customers. Well-designed content that not only speaks to but also resonates with your target audience is how I roll.
I work extensively with my clients to learn about their industry so that their content is as effective as possible.


Before you look at a website or social media posts, you have to consider your brand. How does it look and feel? What do you stand for? How can you help your clients?

At Pandora I focus on creating a brand that is timelessly beautiful, fresh and vibrant.

Have you ever stumbled on an old business with a logo that screams early 2000's? When I do branding, I make sure this will never happen, at least not until Elon Musk takes over the Milky Way.

Logo Design


And finally, the "Facebook Mom's" ideal version of marketing: print. Pandora is registered with Amrod, a trade-only corporate branding company with a national footprint and catalogues that make the bible look like a quick read.

If you want to compliment your business and make your clients feel extra special then some corporate gift items are perfect.

Customize a massive range of pens, mugs, cups, notebooks and more with your logo through us. If you're not sure whether we have what you'd like, just ask- we probably do.

Comprehensive solutions to suit your budget

Not only do I stand by strictly employing South Africa youths, I also stand by tailoring your requirements to suit your budget. 

Want a website but don’t want to break the bank? For a massive discount I’ll show you the basics so you can do it yourself.

Struggling to afford full-fledged agencies while still posting at least 3 times a week? I’ll find a suitable student, skilled in design to assist you.


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